super hero experience with michelle manu



How S.H.E. empowers women

Michelle teaches the SHE Workshop where mere women mortals transition into superheroes. The workshop will instruct in real-life concepts, tools, and builds confidence through information, perception shifting, and tools to increase your feminine instincts and develop your unknown or underdeveloped inner superpowers. Regardless of your origin story, you have the ability to write your story from this day forward through creative choice. Develop your confidence through increased awareness and preparedness, courage, and value for self. Superheroes workout! They are aware and prepared! Participants will learn basic tools on how to defend against a choke, hair grab, shirt grab, wrist grab, push, knife, handgun, rape prevention, but more importantly, to love and accept self. We will also cover power of choice, handling loose ends in personal life and how it directly relates to our physical health and physical power. There is no gender in spirit so women should embrace their inherit gifts and tendencies, the right to defend yourself, awareness (self and others), and how to define a "situation" without appearing paranoid or over reacting, and more... All skill levels welcomed. Hero attire encouraged. Stand in your power. Own your space. 


empowered testimonials

"Just being equipped with these tools gave me so much more confidence."

"That we [women] can be more dangerous with our bodies then a weapon that can be taken away from us and used on us."

"Use my instinct. Trust my core."

"The most important thing I learned was the anti-rape leg maneuver because it is when I would be most vulnerable."

"Hearing the stories of other women helped me to wake up out of my naivety."

"Keep fighting and get away! Don't give up!"

"The most important thing I learned was the knife and gun takeaway. Peel the orange."

"The class was fun while covering as many different and serious aspects of real life situations."

"Just get away any way I can! Self-defense is messy, I may get hurt - a little or a lot - but that's okay. I will never give up!"

"I was reminded not to live in a shell, and this helped me feel safer in connecting to the world."

"This class has given me the ability to be prepared so I can enjoy my life without being paranoid."

“I enjoyed learning the use of the rope/wooden piece tool. I enjoyed reinforcement of block/deflect. It was great learning the different Hawaiian animal moves.”

“I would absolutely recommend this workshop. It was great to have all women and no men present. There was no need to compare to one another. The encouragement as each woman cheered the other on made this a very positive experience.”

“Michelle is easy to follow, engaging and well informed. Thank you Michelle for empowering women! <3”

“Michelle was great. Some things could have been awkward but she helped us relax and enjoy the class.”

“Michelle is AMAZING! You can tell she sincerely cares about all attendees. Very grounded, down to earth, easy to talk to but FULL of knowledge and wisdom."


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