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Heroes Helping Heroes


Discover the stories behind some of our most noted heroes, and explore Heroes' Hearts ongoing efforts through a diverse array of projects and opportunities. 

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Ed and Gordon

Ed Hoffman

The Auschwitz Survivor who added a whole new layer of meaning to the term, “Healing.”

CLICK HERE to Watch the interview of Ed Hoffman by Michelle Manu NOW.

Ed received this award in Laguna Woods Village, the City of Laguna Woods, Veterans Day 2018

Ed received this award in Laguna Woods Village, the City of Laguna Woods, Veterans Day 2018


Akira Tsurumake to help find relatives of Japanese Pilot and Crew of the Downed plane where Sam Richiusa took the metal for Two Hearts As One original

Circle of Forgiveness Closes


It all started when…

Rabbi Abraham Cooper introduced Gordon Richiusa to Kinue Tokudome, who then introduced Gordon to Akira…

A video of the meeting can be seen by clicking here

Here are a few more photos of this historic meeting:


Laguna Quest

Martial Arts Legend Frank Dux Makes a Wish Come True



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Michelle Manu teaches the SHE Workshop where mere women mortals transition into superheroes. The workshop instructs real-life concepts, tools, and builds confidence through information, perception shifting, and tools to increase your feminine instincts and develop your unknown or underdeveloped inner superpowers.



  • Michelle Manu: Empowering Others
  • Empowered Testimonials 


The Super hero experience





The award-winning “original ultimate fight champion” and inspiration for the 1988 film, Bloodsport, Frank Dux, makes one fan's dream of meeting his hero come true.  



  • A meticulously crafted article by Ed Rampbell, including:
    • Dux Redux
    • The Chairman
    • Heroes' Hearts
  • A video showing Heroes Helping Heroes

heroes' hearts does something good

Pieces of Aloha

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Join us as we uncover previously unknown stories that will forever rewrite WWII history for the Hawaiian people, Japanese Americans and nationals, Italian Americans, and African American Marines.