Light The Way For You is a Music & Art exhibit that will be given as a gift to the City of Chengdu in China to inspire creativity among the city's youth, and make the important statement that through the power of Music, we can overcome the fear of the unknown.  With this gift WE CAN set the course for a new relationship between America and China!

My name is Jesse Korby and I am a Producer and Songwriter with 11 years of experience in the Music Industry.  I have fronted an Award-winning Rock Band (Wings of Apollo), worked with some of the most influential people in the industry and even made it to radio in Nashville with songs I wrote, arranged, recorded and performed.  After the band broke up in 2015, I more or less had to start over in every area of my career and find my way to the path I was truly meant to walk in life.

     In 2017, I travelled to Chengdu, China where I met high ranking Government Officials about their desire to have Music and Creativity become drivers for Entertainment the way we do in America.  This came as a big surprise to everyone on the trip!  In the West we are lead to believe that creativity is not allowed in China, which I saw for myself to be completely untrue.

     The truth is, their Government is incredibly supportive of the Arts and in witnessing Music and Dance performances at the largest Music & Arts University in the world (The Sichuan Conservatory) as well as incredible exhibits at multiple galleries of Art, I learned first hand that the Chinese want and need encouragement from the West to believe their ideas have value.  This creates an INCREDIBLE opportunity for us in America to build a bridge to gracefully solve other challenges our two influential nations must work through - by using the Arts as an important common ground.

     Light The Way For You (LTW4U)  is important because it will be a symbolic new beginning: an opportunity for China and the United States to start telling a new story of our relationship through the universal language of music and how it connects us as human beings.

Don't let the fund raising goal fool you: this is NOT a small project.  The last two times I travelled to China, I appeared city-wide on TV and Print News to a combined audience of 18 million people.  LTW4U will be given as a gift to the City of Chengdu (pop. 15 million) on Major Media outlets during an International Music Festival in July 2019.  This is how you change hearts and minds for the greater good that will impact the whole world!

What we need & what you get

With your 100% Tax Deductible Donation to Heroes' Hearts Inc. [Non Profit 501(c)(3)], we aim to deliver a high value gift:  An Art Piece incorporating a Vinyl Music Recording symbolic of overcoming fear through music.  

     Unlike other projects, we have already made incredible progress in both funding and building partnerships to make the LTW4U Art Exhibit possible.  I have personally invested approximately $26,000 of my own money to travel and build relationships in China, acquire the necessary recording equipment and record the foundation for 9 songs at the renowned House of Blues Studios Nashville: representing the History of American Music spanning Delta Blues to Modern Pop.  One year ago (Spring 2018), the remaining project budget was $45,550.  After a year of further creative development and problem solving, partnering with a Nashville Production company called Bonsai Recording and gaining approval from Heroes' Hearts, we only need the final push to reach our goal of $21,600 to bring this gift to China and create a historic shift in cultural attitudes connecting the East and West!

Your donation helps to complete the remainder of the project budget to complete Tracking at a recording studio, pay for Session Musicians and Engineers to Mix/Master a recording that will be printed on Vinyl, then incorporate everything into an Artistic realization of an illuminated stained glass phonograph player that is the stand alone Art Piece.  The budget allocates 4 months of basic expenses for me to Manage the project full time and ensure that all of the rules are followed "to the letter" to ensure the project is completed to elite standards, maintains alignment with Chinese Censorship and is promoted effectively worldwide to achieve the highest possible result for spreading this message of unity through Music & Art.

 The Mermaid imagery (above is simply a concept art placeholder, the final product will be the record player) is very important because in the West, we view this mythological figure as a romantic image, where in the East it is a ghost-story-type figure to fear.  These two different perspectives play an important role in the story told through music about "overcoming fear of the unknown."

check out my art on instagram! @jessekorby

Upon delivery in China, the recordings will be released on all streaming WORLDWIDE with the story of LTW4U being promoted with a considerable monthly Ad budget for 6 months following delivery.  As part of the Google Ad Grant, Heroes' Hearts has access to $10,000/month of Google Adwords promotion, so LTW4U will be promoted with an Ad Budget of $60,000 if we can reach our goal together!

     For Perks, we're keeping this super simple to focus as much attention as possible on creating goodwill between China and America through this gift:

Donations of $5,000 result in your name appearing as Executive Producer along with my Chinese-American partner, Charles Li.  There are only 4 spots available for this incredible opportunity to immediately gain favor in China as a prominent figure in Entertainment and a Political Dignitary championing positive relations between China and the US.

All Other Donations will result in your name appearing on the Engraved Plaque (same as myself, the Executive Producers and all other Creative Credits) that will accompany the Music & Art gift: Light The Way for You.  Everyone who makes a contribution, great or small, gets to share in being recognized for being a force for good in setting a new tone for Chinese/American relations!

*When you make a donation via this Indiegogo Campaign, the funds land directly with Heroes' Hearts Inc, the Non Profit managing the LTW4U project.  From there, I will personallydeliver to you a Tax Receipt validating your 100% Tax Deductible contribution and give you my personal contact information so that you can reach out for updates on the project at any time.  Feel free to find me and say "hello" on Instagram as well:

the impact

A conversation in a room like this can change the entire course of world history:

 I didn't take this picture off of Google Images.  I was in the room just off camera to the left.  The man in the Seat of Honor on the right is Mr. Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu (pop. 15 million).  We have access to reach people at this level of Government in China to ensure LTW4U finds it's way to inspiring the next generation of Creatives in the city.  

If we can redefine the perception of Chinese and American relations to be like this...

...then we will have "set a new tone" for how our two incredibly influential nations impact the rest of the world!

Supporting LTW4U is a way that YOU as an ordinary citizen can take matters into your own hands and have a powerful positive impact on the relationship between China and the United States.

Risks & Challenges

Nothing truly great ever comes easy.  The good news is, I have worked tirelessly behind the scenes since 2015 to even make this project possible before unveiling this plan publicly.

The greatest challenge someone would face in an endeavor like this one would be obtaining a Travel Visa to enter China and gain the platform necessary to ensure publicity for a project like Light The Way For You...

I have already obtained a Chinese Travel Visa twice, made presentations to Government Officials face to face, and laid all of the groundwork already to make it possible to deliver this gesture of good will.  The hard part is over folks!  At one point I had to sleep on the floor of the Recording Studio for 7 months without hot water or clean clothes.  It was a sacrifice I had to make to gain the experience necessary to deliver a historic project like this.  

Now, with your help, all we need to do is finish the final step and deliver the gift and make history together!

other ways you can help

Of course, I understand that not everyone is in a position to donate.  Thankfully there are other ways you can help!  The obvious way is hitting the 'Share' button and showing your family or friends if you think it is important to have positive relations with China.

Another way is to send this link to School Music Department's in your Community, Local Colleges or Universities, friends that have an interest in either Entertainment or Politics or even Musicians or Artists!  People from all walks of life can agree that it is a rare opportunity to gain access to the people of China to do something positive.

Thank you for your support with this important project, and I look forward to working together to write a new story for America and China with Light The Way For You.