Heroes' Black Belt Project


Heroes' Black Belt Project will bring together deserving heroes who had to defer their goal of pursuing excellence in martial arts--for whatever reason--with certified martial arts instructors to help foster a larger sense of community and service into martial arts training and help everyone involved, through scholarships to Do Something Good through any chosen form of training.


Heroes' Hearts is not promoting any particular style or ryu, but rather a way for true teachers of warriorship to join with a non-profit to pursue martial excellence with integrity while helping to identify worthy students. The ultimate style will be the choice of the scholarship recipient, influenced in part by geography and circumstance.


We are asking for martial arts instructors' support (these are the black belts we’re referring to, for the sake of grant support), to not only serve as mentors for a common goal, but to identify those who need and deserve our help. Our first scholarships have been given in archery instructor certifications, tournament participation, Heroes’ Helping Heroes events and curriculum, and attendance in S.H.E. training, PTSD victim support, anti-discrimination and women’s empowerment projects.


However, we have opportunities NOW in more than one state, to promote THIS organized self-sustaining "pay it forward" program to support the concept of stewardship and organized standardization. We are asking martial artists to join us, do something good, endorse and support this tax-deductible project. As with ALL of our supported projects, 85% of every dollar donated to this project’s fund will go toward fulfilling these scholarships. The remaining 15% goes to Heroes’ Hearts General Fund, to promote the trademarked brand and the administration of all projects and services through distribution of the Two-Hearts As One exact replica bracelets, available online at www.HeroesHearts.Info, or at select retail outlets including PIEAM--The Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum in Long Beach, California.


This image, created especially for Heroes' Hearts, is copyrighted.

This image, created especially for Heroes' Hearts, is copyrighted.