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The Legend

Learn more about our roots, what drives us, what we're doing today, and how you can be a part of Heroes' Hearts.



about heroes' hearts

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Heroes’ Hearts© is about a real life quest of a son to honor his 95 year old father’s wishes and to “Do something good” with the only known “Sweetheart Souvenir” from the battle of Pearl Harbor. 



  • Gordon Richiusa's journey of discovery
  • Sam & Mae Richiusa: A Tale of Love, Kids, & War
  • Heroes' Hearts info reel

the legacy of sam richiusa

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Learn how Sam Richiusa's life became the inspiration for his son to "do something good." 



  • The legacy of Heroes' Hearts
  • Two Hearts as One: Inspiration Becomes Reality

heroes' hearts does something good

Pieces of Aloha

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Join us as we uncover previously unknown stories that will forever rewrite WWII history for the Hawaiian people, Japanese Americans and nationals, Italian Americans, and African American Marines. 



  • Beginnings of a documentary
  • A new understanding of the word "aloha"
  • The impact of "do something good"