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THE LEGACY OF HEROES' HEARTS. It was not until after both my mother and father had passed away that I started to understand the incredible story that surrounded the Two Hearts Beating As One © bracelet that my father made for my mother, or to try to honor my dad's wishes that I do something good with the bangle he'd given to me at my mom's memorial service. I think both of my parents would be happy with the results of my efforts. With the help of my siblings (oldest to youngest) Lynda, Judy, Gary and Cheryl, my son Travis, and many others, we've started a non-profit corporation called Heroes' Hearts Inc., with the motto: DO SOMETHING GOOD. 


Our mission is to oppose prejudice and discrimination with projects to benefit those who've experienced trauma, such as PTSD. We believe that every person who puts others in front of him- or herself is a hero, and we promise to continue to partner with veterans groups, businesses, and other individuals to honor any and all expressions of selfless love...for friends, family, or country.  


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Heroes' hearts bracelet

A linking hearts bracelet made from a downed Japanese plane by a young Marine Corporal, Sam Richiusa, who survived Pearl Harbor. When he made it home he gave the bracelet to his bride.



peices of aloha

Documents a real life quest of a son to honor his 95 year old father’s wishes and to “Do something good” with the only known “Sweetheart Souvenir” from the battle of Pearl Harbor.


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A non-profit has been formed to tell the story of the creation of the original Heroes’ Hearts bracelet, and to expand efforts in support the mission: Helping Heroes, one good deed at a time.


"It was just before my twenty-second birthday. I was twenty-one years old. On the 11th I turned 22."

-Salvatore (Sam) Richiusa



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